Leaky Vent Flaps

Dan Simoes dans at audifans.com
Thu Sep 6 11:06:41 EDT 2001

You could, but the problem is that the flaps are inside the heater box,
which can only be accessed by removing the dash.  If you're going to
spend 8 hours ripping the car apart, you might as well spend the money
for a new box.  As I've told Chris and others, someone in MI on the 20v
list was able to use a Golf (II I think) heater box which is the same
except for the vacuum servo mounts, which need to be fabricated.

I suppose you might be able to cut a hole in the heater box and cover
the flaps with something, but access is very tight and you will at least
need to remove the center console and the stuff back there (by the way,
that's where the airbag controller is too).

| Dan |

Ti Kan wrote:
> Christopher Gharibo writes:
> > I have a '91 Quattro. Sponge stuff is coming out from the vents with the air
> > flow. I assume the vent gaskets are disintegrating.
> > What's the solution besides changing the part?
> You can probably find an appropriate material at your local Home Depot
> or similar hardware store and fix your flaps.
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