steaming TQ

David Head v8q at
Thu Sep 6 08:43:37 EDT 2001

That's the supply line to the turbo. Remove the bolt, cut off the crimped
fitting and put on a short piece of replacement hose and a coupla hose clamps.
Audi no longer makes that exact part and will sell you the same thing at 10
times the price.

Efraim Gavrilovich wrote:

> Now, I need somebody to help me to identify the broken hose. I went through
> the Bentley twice but could not find anything resembling failed hose. I will
> try to describe it. It's a real small part. It is a metal elbow with a ring
> at one end and rubber hose crimped to this elbow at the other end. The
> rubber hose is no longer than 1.5". Elbow ring is bolted to the engine right
> where the main radiator hose is attached, right between spark plugs #1 and
> #2. The other end of the rubber hose is attached with a hose clamp to a long
> metal tube about 3/8" dia.

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