Won't Start - 92 100CSQ - Solved

Baxcj at aol.com Baxcj at aol.com
Thu Sep 6 01:15:50 EDT 2001

Just wanted to thank those who responded for the suggestions.  Ran wires directly to the fuel pump and got nothing.  Replaced pump and all is well!  Still recovering from laying in the trunk to replace the darn thing.
Car won't start.  When problem occured it had been warmed up and sit for a
half hour.  It would stutter a bit and die.  After it cooled off, doesn't try
to start at all.  Probably had some residual fuel.  Has a good spark.  Can't
hear fuel pump run.  Tested plugin to pump from green to brown wire.  Have
about 12V when ignition switch is in start position but nothing when just in
the on position.  Could this be anything but a fuel pump problem?  Hadn't
been noisy or given any problem previous to this event.  Is any special tool
needed to replace the pump?  Thanks...

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