Screwed over by fellow Qlister...

Stephen Ankney ankneys at
Thu Sep 6 04:41:01 EDT 2001

I hate to air out my dirty laundry here but due to recent happenings I feel 
I have no other choice...

This is the problem: About 4-5 months ago I contacted the list with the 
offering of 4 Audi Driver UrQ issues that I had for sale. The issues were 
quickly claimed in a matter of hours. I contacted the first 4 people who 
wanted one and disclosed price, shipping addresses, etc. I was feeling 
pretty good about the list so I sent the magazines out before I actually 
recieved any money. This turned out to be no problem except for one 

After I had recieved the 3 other payments promptly I began to wonder where 
the other one was. Days turned into weeks and still no money. I then 
contacted him and he wrote me back and was apologetic and claimed to have 
sent out a US postal money order and that he would get the receipt and find 
out what was going on. A couple of weeks passed and again, no reply. I sent 
another email and asked what was going on? No answer again. Finally I sent 
him an email telling him to please respond by August 17 or I would be forced 
to call the Postal Inspector and have him look into possible mail fraud 
charges. This was something I did not want to do and I told the Qlister 
this. Once again no response...until today. Today I recieved an email fom 
him that contained an attachment with a virus. Nice.

So my question is this: Have any of you had any problems like this before? 
How do I get my money? Should I just write this off as a loss and never be 
trusting again? Is it not illegal to send someone a virus? This kinda makes 
me sad that someone from this great list could be such a PITA...

By the way, if you want to know who the lister is, email me! If he keeps 
messing with me I'll just post his name for everyone to see so they know not 
to buy from him...

Steve Ankney
88 5000
Holland, MI

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