K03/04 turbo on I5's (and turbo size for that matter)

Jim Green jeg1976 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 5 20:28:52 EDT 2001

Thanks for the rant, I have received more than a few
others.  I really was talking about the T03/04 from
Garret/Turbonetics, Whoops!  I was thinking one thing,
and typing another and boy did people let me know it! 
I totally agree with you, I feel like I'm thrashing my
turbo if it gets above 14 psi, not to mention mine is
trying to make up for altitude on top of it!  With my
short intake and large exhaust you can really hear the
turbo, and at that level you can hear it start to
surge/become unstable/whatever, the whistling starts
to pulse.  Thanks for the advice everyone.

--- JShadzi at aol.com wrote:
> Jim,
> First off, that would have to be a serious custom
> jobbie to fit anywhere near an MC exh. manifold, are
> they building a custom turbine housing?  It would
> likely be easier to fit a Garrett or other turbo as
> it would be a K0 series turbo.
> Second, my recent thoughts and expereince drag
> racing lead me to believe that going to a smaller
> turbo than a K26 is a serious step in the wrong
> direction for any power over 200hp.  Initially my
> reaction to my high intake air temps was "I must
> need a bigger intercooler".  After more research, I
> believe my problem is not with my IC, but my turbo. 
> Intake air temp increase in a turbo application is
> directly proportional to the Turbo's efficiency.  In
> my case, even my RS2 sized IC is failing because the
> K26 I am running at 15+ psi is completely out of its
> range of effieciency.  At these levels, the K26 is
> just beating air, flow is terrible and the turbine
> blade is surging past super sonic.  
> My current plans are to build a tube header and use
> a T3/T4 turbo.  With this setup, I believe that my
> intake air temps are will be much lower due to the
> much higher turbo efficiency, and the increased flow
> capabilities will result in much higher power levels
> (up to 400hp).
> Often, many "turbo heads" are obsessed with Boost
> Pressure.  I will state here that I an unimpressed
> with anyone running more than 12-14psi through a
> K-26 on a 2.2 10v.  I do not belive that a K26
> should be run at boost levels any higher, to do so
> will simply result in elevated intake temps and less
> hp.  I have been there, turning the boost up on a
> k26, and the increases are always real good up to
> about 14psi, were after that the car almost feels
> slower.  The K24 aggrivates the problem further,
> being even less efficient and flowing less too.  
> Bigger turbos will produce more power with less
> boost, this is a function of lower intake temps and
> higher rates of CFM.  Flow is just as critical as
> pressure, and you just can't flow very much gas
> though the tiny K-24, the 26 is slightly better, the
> K03 is rediculous ( have you seen one, the inlet
> turbine is about 3/4"!), and the K04 is not even the
> size of the K24.
> You guys out there running 20+ psi in a K24 or 26,
> 10v or 20v really out to consider what all that
> pressure is really accomplishing (heat).
> Jim, my recommendation for you would be to look for
> a more efficient turbo.  Any of the Garret turbos
> can be made to fit the stock exh. manifold and
> downpipe, and are a much better choice than anything
> in the K^3 line, for much cheaper.  Turbo lag is a
> reality in turbo cars that produce power.  If you
> want quick spool up, then you will be limited to
> about 200hp and a 5kRPM motor, a big trade off IMO. 
> With the T3/T4 hybrid, full boost will be had by
> about 3200RPM (depends on the AR ofcourse), and flow
> will be unrestricted thoughout the whole RPM range. 
> Most importantly, efficiency will be maximized, and
> intake temps will be manageable.  The factory gets
> away with the K03 because it is only producing 170hp
> at most.  I recently saw a chipped  A4 1.8t make
> 130hp at the wheels, was supposed to make 210 at the
> crank (theoretically), but you think it could do
> that will all that heat its making?
> Anyway, sorry for the rant all, I will keep you
> posted on my header/turbo upgrade.
> Javad Shadzi
> 80tq.com
> <<Ok, has anyone tried fitting a K03/04 turbo on one
> of
> our 10V turbo engines?  I've talked to Turbo
> Engineering Corp in CO and they assure me it will
> spool much quicker and obviously flow more air than
> the K26.  They said they have done this on more than
> a
> few cars.  So, are you guys out there?  Did anyone
> go
> to the s-cars nationals and talk with TEC about
> this? 
> I'm going back and forth on if I want to get a new
> turbo, or RS2 bumber+Spearco first.  I'll eventually
> have both, but whichever I choose to do second will
> be
> a ways off.  If I do get the turbo I'll upgrade to a
> 200 20v single pass intercooler to free up some
> airflow.
> =====
> Jim Green
> '89 90tq 
> http://www.geocities.com/jeg1976/>>

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