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I theorize that Audi and its pump supplier for the hydraulics system 
developed the specs for the oil, taking into consideration it was to be 
used for boosting braking power and, in some cars, hydraulic levelling 
devices, and then looked around to see who supplied such an oil IN 
ONE-LITER CONTAINERS.  There's a similar Mobil hydraulic oil that you can 
buy for almost pennies on the dollar, but it's only available at that price 
in five-gallon pails.  I figure Audi doubted its buyers of $40,000 and up 
automobiles would want to carry 5-gal. pails of oil in their trunks, so it 
opted for the product available, which its maker called Pentosin.

At 09:00 AM 09/06/2001 +1200, e2e wrote:

>Just a background question in my Audi education.
>What is pentosin, why did Audi opt to use it rather than any other ATF or
>hydraulic oil as per any other bulldozer ?
>Sam Clarkson
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