What is pento$in

Huw Powell audi at mediaone.net
Wed Sep 5 18:18:52 EDT 2001

e2e wrote:
> Just a background question in my Audi education.
> What is pentosin, why did Audi opt to use it rather than any other ATF or
> hydraulic oil as per any other bulldozer ?

Generally speaking, Pentosin is the brand name of a company that makes
fluids (and other stufff?) for cars.  For instance, just for fun, I use
Pentosin brake fluid in my Audis.

More specifically, and sometimes underdefined, they make the fluid (11S
i believe) that *must* be used in the high pressure combination power
steering/power brake assist systems in some Audis.  It must not be mixed
with generic PS fluid, etc., or the mechanical parts will fail sooner,
supposedly.  Thi ssi the stuff that people refer to as "Green Gold,"
although it isn't that expensive - it only gets expensive when the
system leaks and a liter has to be added every couple of days!

Huw Powell



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