[V8] RIP SC300 (LAC)

David Head v8q at bellsouth.net
Wed Sep 5 14:52:50 EDT 2001

One of the reasons I quit riding motorcycles (Kaw triples and KZ1000) was
because although 90% of the time I rode sanely, that other 10% was gonna get me
killed (if lucky).
Put me in a 500+ hp Supra mit wing and I would be a target for every cop from
Tampa to Atlanta. The tornado red V8 isn't that unobtrusive, but its much easier
to slip that big 4 door down the road at the same speed, albeit with a lot less
acceleration...  And I can drive 1000 miles and not get out feeling beat to

"Buchholz, Steven" wrote:

> ... I suppose that if it were simply up to horsepower the decision would be
> simple ... but to my taste there more to the equation ... and I don't think
> I'm alone in that regard.

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