[V8] RIP SC300 (LAC)

Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com
Wed Sep 5 11:23:43 EDT 2001

... I suppose that if it were simply up to horsepower the decision would be
simple ... but to my taste there more to the equation ... and I don't think
I'm alone in that regard.  I don't keep up too much with the Supra tech
because I couldn't imagine seeing myself behind the wheel of one ... even
with 800HP.  A friend of mine had an earlier version Supra, with the inline
six ... I think it may have had 2 turbos though ... but I don't know for
sure.  It was a much nicer looking car to my mind, and I liked the "targa"
roof, but the car didn't really do that much for me either.  Funny, I bought
my '83 urq over a brand new '86 Mazda RX-7 ... I think I probably paid a bit
more for the ury too ... but I've never really regretted that decision ...
and I'd take my lousy 160HP urq over an 800HP supracar anyday.  

Remember that horsepower isn't everything on the road either.  I've beaten
cars that supposedly had superior horsepower while playing with my slug ...
never mind what happens when it rains ... ;-)

Hey, IMO it is great that we aren't all the same and that some people love
to have their Supras with the coffee can exhausts (I've seen one in the lot
here at work with a license plate frame quoting some impressive horsepower
figure) ... frankly it would probably be a boring world if everyone drove
urquattros too ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

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Those that think that my posts are inappropriate to audi lists, I say we 
appear to be way behind the 8ball in current tweeking if 30% increases in 
displacement yields over double the comparative and tweekable HP.  We ARE 
missing something, and it has nothing to do with your SC300 experience. 

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