1991 200 20V at champagne motors colorado

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Sorry Paul,
Gotta disagree with you there- the UrS has a much stiffer chassis,
availability of a 6-speed transmission and the newer climate control

The A8 is a very nice car, but you don't have a manual transmission
option and depending on where you live, may not be a sensible choice
in case you get in an accident- there are not many shops that are
properly trained to fix an A8. Other than that, the A8 is an awesome
car. I'd have to say get a '98 over a '97, though- the Tiptronic is
worth it alone and I'd stay away from any of the A8s with the solar
glass, as you can't use a radar detector or a handheld cell phone
very well with that glass.

I wouldn't buy a '91 200q for $12k either, unless it had a full RS2
engine in it, Big Reds, suspension work and full service history,
meticulous maintenance and low mileage.


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I sold my 91 200q with 235K on it, in GREAT condition about a month ago for
$4,400. I wouldn't pay 12K for a 91 200q, I'm sure you could find one in
great condition with euros and a chip (is a chip desirable for a high
mileage car?), and one that had Mobil 1 in it all of its life (mine did) for

You can buy a UrS4 for more, but why? Unless you like the body style, it's
only a year or two newer for anywhere from 3-10K more.....

I waited until a really nice car (nicer than my 91) came along that was new
and had low miles. An A8. The 97's and 98's can be had really cheap, about
twice as much as the UrS4 with low miles, and everything is new on them.
They don't have a stick (sometimes good, mostly bad), they get up and go
like hell, get better mileage on the highway than the 91. You can get one
with 40-60K miles for 22-28K. And it is a totally different car!

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