Brake misbehaviour - ABS?

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Wed Sep 5 09:49:21 EDT 2001

Check the ABS light thread in the last week involving Mike McClurg.  He 
found that the ABS relay had a loose or blown fuse in it (relay has a fuse 
slot like the fuel pump relay).  Solved similar-sounding symptoms.

At 03:11 AM 09/05/2001 -0400, Peter Berrevoets wrote:

>Have replaced the bomb and a whole bunch of other bits on my beast and have
>two problems;
>1) Brake warning light is on constantly (This instigated a bunch of the
>2) Just prior to stopping it appears that the ABS attempts to control the
>braking - a most annoying noise and fade result. I had initially thought
>that this might be the hydraulic booster, but now I'm not so sure. With the
>ABS switched off, the problem is gone.
>Now, I personally am not fond of the ABS for performance driving, but it has
>been useful on ... ... hmmm ... ?! ... oh heck!! I think I just need to make
>it work!
>Does anybody have an idea as to what might be the problem? There is a ready
>supply of ABS conrol pumps in local yards, but I don't want to swap it out,
>if it isn't the problem.
>Looking for some ideas.
>Peter Berrevoets
>1990 200TQ
>Toronto, Canada
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