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Ti Kan ti at
Tue Sep 4 23:32:59 EDT 2001

Peter K. Wong writes:
> Personally, I thought it was a silly risk on Acura's part to axe the Legend
> name and now the Integra follows suit.  These were both names with a lot of
> good attributes already attached, silly silly silly.

I consider the whole thing rather humorous, how the marketeers of the
Japanese car companies devote so much attention to this.  Consider that
Toyotas pretty much use names for their models (Echo, Tercel, Corolla,
Celica, Camry, Avalon, etc) whereas their upscale Lexus division use the
number and digits scheme (ES300, GS300/400, SC300/400, LS400, RX300, etc).
Same with Nissan, with Sentra, Altima, Maxima, etc., where as their Infiniti
has G20, I30, Q45, QX4, etc.  Honda has names, and while their Acura
division used to have names but they have now totally switched to numbers
and digits too.

Perhaps they are just trying to imitate their European competition, namely
Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Jaguar.  And imitators they are.  Their very 
"brand names" were conjured up by marketeers, unlike the European makes
whose names have a real company behind it, actually mean something, and
has a rich heritage associated.

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