10 V Camshafts

Huw Powell audi at mediaone.net
Tue Sep 4 16:28:10 EDT 2001

> I would like the collective input and knowledge of the list to help me with
> a major problem with my baby, the car is a 1986 Audi Coupe GT with an NG
> code head, the problem is I can't seem to get a camshaft for it.  Th local
> dealer is about as helpful as a broken leg, and I need to do it on a budget,
> as I just found more things that need to be done before the car is
> driveable.  Question #1 what Cams will work, I have a complete '81 Coupe
> engine that I can rob parts off.  Question #2 what is the best bang for the
> buck in terms of possible Scrapyard finds

You already have it.  the '81 has solid lifters and the NG hydraulic, so
you can send that camshaft to Elgin and have it ground as aggressively
as you dare.  (the solid lifter cam has more meat on it)

Huw Powell



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