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Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Tue Sep 4 12:58:16 EDT 2001

[ 82 4000S ]

There was a factory recall to bypass the fusebox for the fuel pump relay.
This recall applies to all cars equipped with the early style fuse/relay
panel (pre-83 Fox/4000/Coupe/UrQ, German-built VW Rabbit/Scirocco/Jetta/
Dasher, etc.).

If your fuel pump relay is plugged in directly into the fuse/relay panel
itself, then it didn't get the recall service.  If the fuel pump relay is
located on a separate relay block above the fuse relay panel, and there is
an electrical wire plug going into the location for the fuel pump relay
on the fuse/relay panel, then the recall had been performed.

In case yours didn't get the recall, try calling VW and Audi dealers and
see if it is still possible to have it done.  If not, and if the recall
parts kit is still available, you can easily do it yourself.  The part
number of the kit is 171 971 761 B.

If the part is no longer available you can probably make your own.  Write
me for info when it gets to that.

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Robert Turlington writes:
> So a few people have told me that I need to rewire the fuse box in this 
> car.  Icky.  I'm gonna try to just replace the FPR first and then I'll do 
> the fuse box.  Does anyone recommend a shop in the Portland OR area that 
> can do this kind of work?
> Thanx!
> Robert

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