seeking rear caliper carriers from v8, 91 20vtq, etc...

jim rose sf5ktq at
Tue Sep 4 12:18:29 EDT 2001


im not sure if+what fits/works for prop valves on the sedans. the one back 
there is adjustable to some degree for more /less rear bias. noones told me 
that ill have to or need to change it out to make it work. i would asume you 
would only really want to add more rear bias if you were beefing up the 
fronts. i know a lot of people use the wilwood or tilton prop valves, i 
havent found much "how to" on installing/using these. im gonna get it to 
work as is and see where it sands.

as far as the parts for the conversions, it calipers, carriers, rotors and 
dust sheilds. im cutious as to wether my ss lines will work... see - brake section for the info on the upgrade. ive heard 
NOTHING of pressiing in hubs. and ill be PISSED if i have to :)

the only catch ive heard of is that the rotors off the v8 wont work - the 
calipers/carriers and maybe dust sheilds will. but the v8 rotor is a 
different offset. the kit im getting is all off 90 v8. so ill get new rotors 
and should be good to go.

i also wonder if my lower/stiffer suspension hasnt thrown my rear brake 
propl valve off a bit. hmmmm...


>I am also interested in doing this conversion. Is this all that is needed?
>I seem to remember someone telling me that you had to press in a hub off of 
>the same car (IE the part that the rotor sits on?)
>also would a proportioning valve from a V8 or a wagon offer more rear brake 
>bias? a friend of mine just installed a 928 valve on his 944 turbo to give 
>him more rear bias. this seems to work fine as long as your suspension is 
>stiffer than stock which keeps your car from diving under braking.

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