Lack of Braking Power on 100 Avant

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Tue Sep 4 12:59:33 EDT 2001

I can't imagine the brakes got worse as the cars got better, David.  You 
have something seriously wrong there.  Have you completely flushed the 
brake fluid?

At 09:09 AM 09/04/2001 -0400, David Torrey wrote:

>Checked out my rear brakes yesterday after a lack of braking power.  Guide
>pins were not frozen but rotors were not shiny.  Installed new Pagid pads.
>Cleaned and lubricated guide pins.  Brakes are working now but this car sure
>doesn't stop well.  It feels like the front brakes are doing all the work.
>Could there be something else wrong?  I don't believe this car has the
>pressure regulator for the rear brakes. I think I see why others on this
>list have resorted to something other than stock pads and rotors.  When this
>car is fully loaded,  the driver has to literally stand on the brake pedal
>to bring this car to a stop (not that much better empty).
>Next job is replacing timing belt and water pump.  Parts are on order from
>Blau.  Received a call from them saying that all of their special tools
>(5-10 sets), are all rented out.
>Best Regards
>David Torrey
>'93 100CSQ Avant  137K miles
>'88 Saab 900S  214K miles
>'87 Saab 900S  215K miles
>'79 BMW 320i   103K miles
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