leaking steering rack - Pentosin 7.1?

Efraim Gavrilovich egav at wireless2000.com
Mon Sep 3 23:07:27 EDT 2001

My thanks to everybody who answered my plea for advice on a steering rack.
The consensus was to change the darn thing and that what I am going to do.
Efraim Gavrilovich
1988 5KTQ 332,000km (206K mi) 1.8 Bar
1990 90 110,000km (68 Kmi)
Vancouver, Canada

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> Replace it - its a one day job. 200.00 if you do it yourself
> Efraim Gavrilovich wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > The second steering rack in my TQ has developed a leak and I am feeding
> > Audi G002 oil for a while now. A week or so ago I decided to switch to
> > Pentosin 7.1 to save some money, as it is $10 cheaper. Only after I
> > the first bottle of Pentosin and was about to put it in a garbage I
> > the warning on the bottle saying not to mix it with any other hydraulic
> > Another example of RTFM syndrome. Well, it's too late now. Did I do any
> > damage to my system by mixing it with G002?
> > Second question. It took me 10 days to go through the bottle of Pentosin
> > which amounts to over $700 per year at this rate. It would cost me about
> > same to replace the rack. I know it's the rack and not a broken hose
> > as it squirts the oil at its sealed end on the passenger side when
> > wheel is rotated. My parking spot at the office can easily be recognized
> > a large puddle where the front passenger side tire usually rests. What
> > the right thing to do considering that replacing the rack does not
> > that it would not have to be replaced again next year or year after?
> > I bite the bullet and replace the rack or keep on buying Pentosin?
> > Thanks in advance.
> > Efraim Gavrilovich
> > 1988 5KTQ 332,000km (206K mi) 1.8 Bar
> > 1990 90 108,000km (62 Kmi)
> > Vancouver, Canada

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