I am a wimp (door handles, window switches, rust)

Huw Powell audi at mediaone.net
Mon Sep 3 21:03:57 EDT 2001

>  This is for a '87 4KQ
> -- I have a serviceable replacement handle for the front passenger
> side door.  Replacing the rears was not a problem, but the front has a
> rod going through a plastic guide.  Is there a good way to replace
> the handle and thread the rod back in w/o taking the door panel off?

It can be done, but you have to keep track of the two rods (latch and
lock), making sure to reattach them correctly.  At least one has a
little plastic clip that holds it in place after it is reinserted. 
*Good* needle nose pliers can be a big help here.  Pulling the door
liner only helps marginally, since you still can;t get to the back of
the handle very well.  But it does help a bit.

> -- I want to change the power window switches also

we covered this already of course.

> -- I am beginning to get rust problems.  This is the time to make a
> decision about those.  One more winter here in Rochester, NY and
> what's now a surface rust spot will be ready to become a hole.  I got
> about 12 spots that need attention.  Should I just take it to a body
> shop and have them sand/primer/patch?  I imagine it'd be several $100
> but will hold the car over.  The car's fine mechanically and at around
> 150k mi.  I am not willing to spend more than $250 on rust repair as
> I have decided that I'll acquire a 90-91  coupe within the next 18
> months or so. 

Either fix it right or let it go I think.  Why throw money at a car
you're going to get rid of that will not "improve or maintain" it before
you get rid of it?  And a cheap fix will just be a waste of money or
worse (you either won't get it back or the car will eventually rust

You may be likely to get more $$ for the car eventually in pieces anyway
- as time goes by the 4kq market is going to be more and more focussed
on rust-free examples, I think.

Huw Powell



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