4ks needs Help

Robert Turlington rturlington at qwest.net
Mon Sep 3 10:43:22 EDT 2001

I just bought an '82 4Ks 4E and it has some issues...

Sometimes when you're driving along, the engine just dies.  If you pull 
over to the side of the road and wait a few minutes, it will restart and go 
again.  Also, after it dies and you restart it, you can hear a clicking 
sound in the dash and there seems to be an ozone smell, so I think 
something is arcing (bad fuel pump relay???).

The previous owner replaced the fuel pump, started and ignition switch 
recently, all in an effort to solve the aforementioned problem.  I think 
its the fuel pump relay.  Any other ideas?

TIA....I need some help...


77 Audi 100 LS
82 Audi 4000 4E
91 Saab 900
93 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

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