Audi 200 cam,crank and h20 pump pulley teeth profiles...

Gerard gerard at
Mon Sep 3 11:25:06 EDT 2001


I finally got my engine back from the rebuilder. I last had this engine
in my possession 24 months ago, thanks to the idiot I initially handed
the engine to.

The engine builder showed me some problems with the teeth of the timing
gear on the front of the engine. The new camshaft pulley I bought from
Audi/VW and the crank pulley (from a PR engine) have the same flat
square teeth, but the water pump pulley has the peaky, roundish kind of
teeth. The engine builder said I should replace the cam and crank pulley
to match the water pump as those teeth will handle more torque.

As far as I know Audi replaced the round toothed units with square
toothed units and called the belt "super-torque". I am more in favour of
pulling the pulley from the water pump and fitting the pulley from the
old water pump.

The question is whether I need to remove the entire water pump to remove
and install the pulley without damage to the pump shaft? Removing is
obviously with a gear pulley, but installation is going to be by block
and hammer, so do I need to support the internals while hammering?

Look at the pics and tell me which ones are correct.

cam pulley:
crank pulley:
h2o pump pulley:

Oh yeah, more on an unnecessary point now, but what do you guys think of
the blue colour they've gone and painted this engine? I asked for a
silver colour just for the heck of it and I got this. :) It is also not
high-temp paint, I think it's just an etch primer and automotive paint
or just a blue etch primer so I have no idea how well it'd cope with
block heat and fluids. Engineer says no problems at all judging by his
Chevy V8 Jag's block.

At present I am polishing inlet manifolds and accessories and plenty of
the items are satin finished, so I thought maybe remove the blue
(how???) and go for a high-temp clear perhaps. :) (Quick, spot the idiot
going overboard!) Engine looks kind of recon Ford V6 at the moment. :)

Excuse the tub means of storage. This little bugger was a bitch to
carry, so I dragged it into the garage in a plastic tub. :)


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