leaking steering rack - Pentosin 7.1?

Larry C Leung l.leung at juno.com
Sun Sep 2 20:54:12 EDT 2001

Replace the rack, have the system flushed and have the mechanic replace
any suspect hoses when they are in there if you go that route. The rack
from Jorgen (see Audifans vendor list) seems to have had a very good
success rate for listers, including myself, and it has a stainless steel
sleave which theoretically will outlast your car. It has a lifetime


On Sun, 2 Sep 2001 15:47:22 -0700 "Efraim Gavrilovich"
<egav at wireless2000.com> writes:
>Hi all,
>The second steering rack in my TQ has developed a leak and I am 
>feeding it
>Audi G002 oil for a while now. A week or so ago I decided to switch 
>Pentosin 7.1 to save some money, as it is $10 cheaper. Only after I 
>the first bottle of Pentosin and was about to put it in a garbage I 
>the warning on the bottle saying not to mix it with any other 
>hydraulic oil.
>Another example of RTFM syndrome. Well, it's too late now. Did I do 
>damage to my system by mixing it with G002?
>Second question. It took me 10 days to go through the bottle of 
>which amounts to over $700 per year at this rate. It would cost me 
>about the
>same to replace the rack. I know it's the rack and not a broken hose 
>as it squirts the oil at its sealed end on the passenger side when 
>wheel is rotated. My parking spot at the office can easily be 
>recognized by
>a large puddle where the front passenger side tire usually rests. What 
>the right thing to do considering that replacing the rack does not 
>that it would not have to be replaced again next year or year after? 
>I bite the bullet and replace the rack or keep on buying Pentosin?
>Thanks in advance.
>Efraim Gavrilovich
>1988 5KTQ 332,000km (206K mi) 1.8 Bar
>1990 90 108,000km (62 Kmi)
>Vancouver, Canada

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