I am a wimp (door handles, window switches, rust)

Bulent Murtezaoglu bm at acm.org
Sun Sep 2 16:28:44 EDT 2001

Hi guys, I need some BTDT advice on trivial things that I never
could do w/o breaking stuff.  This is for a '87 4KQ 

-- I have a serviceable replacement handle for the front passenger
side door.  Replacing the rears was not a problem, but the front has a
rod going through a plastic guide.  Is there a good way to replace
the handle and thread the rod back in w/o taking the door panel off?
I could try to fashion something so the rod doesn't go boink and
disappear when I take the old one off but it seems like too much 
work with a needle nose pliers afterwards (I got carpal tunnel, so I
don't get much force feedback).  What's the trick?  Will the rod be
accesible if I take out the lock mechanism also?

-- I want to change the power window switches also, I got a panel with
all 4 functional so I thought I'd just change that panel (I got three
dead on the present one, the motors are fine).  Again it seems like
the center console needs to come out for this as the screws are not
accessible through the ashtray hole.  Is there a trick?  Taking the
switches out individually seems even harder (I tried it with the

-- I am beginning to get rust problems.  This is the time to make a
decision about those.  One more winter here in Rochester, NY and
what's now a surface rust spot will be ready to become a hole.  I got
about 12 spots that need attention.  Should I just take it to a body
shop and have them sand/primer/patch?  I imagine it'd be several $100
but will hold the car over.  The car's fine mechanically and at around
150k mi.  I am not willing to spend more than $250 on rust repair as
I have decided that I'll acquire a 90-91  coupe within the next 18
months or so.  But it seems a waste to let rust eat this wonderful 
car up.  Does anyone know any good shops in in the Rochester area 
for this?



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