A4/S4 Avant?

Tessie McMillan tessmc at drizzle.com
Sat Sep 1 00:37:26 EDT 2001

Hi Guys! A friend of mine from the Alfa club says he "may buy an A4 2.8L
Avant or S4 Avant tomorrow; am I getting into trouble?" Now this guy is
already pretty special; he drives a concours-quality Alfa Romeo Montreal on
a daily basis, and if you know what that is, then you've got the bug badly

What should I tell him? I've been trying to get him into a Quattro for quite
some time now, but I don't know if either of the Audis above is a Quattro.
He has three Alfas in his stable and has been driving at the track for many
years. He also does a lot of his own work (you should see his garage!) and
is not at all uncomfortable with high-performance cars. But the Avant is to
be a grocery-gitter, daily stuff-hauler for him and his very active wife,
and will be a roving doggie kennel for their two very active doggies.

Do you have any last words of advice for him? Please (r) to him also since
he is not on the digest: mike_nakamura at email.msn.com.


in Seattle, WA USA
and rockin!!!!! with her new strut tower brace. And Chris, if you're going
to match my suspension mods on your Quatt, I'll just have to start removing
my bumpers .... &:-)

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