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Welcome to the oldest living example of 1st generation html!  Seriously, this page is way overdue for a redesign which is coming very, very soon.  This page used to live on a server called coimbra.ans.net at my old job.

Why coimbra? Coimbra is the name of a city in Portugal, the site of one of the oldest universities in Western Europe. I lived near Coimbra for almost 8 years. Would you like to visit?

If you haven't picked up on that by now, my name is Dan Simoes. If you were looking for the Tom Cruise home page but came here by mistake, don't feel bad, happens all the time. :)

Lost on the information superhighway? Here are a few roadmaps for you:

I am the owner and maintainer of the Quattro List, now housed at www.audifans.com.  I also run www.vwfans.com.
Yeah, I'm into cars...

Personal stuff:
Who am I? I often ask myself that question. This is the place you can find out some personal stuff about what makes me...me. If it's not here, feel free to ask me. Or maybe you just want to say "hi".

I have finally left ANS/UUNET/MCIWorldcom, where I worked for almost 6 years.  As of late April 1999, I am working at iClick.  I am also still pursuing my MBA. I had once wanted to be a tennis pro, but that's a long story...

Personal stats? OK, fine. I'm 28 and I can now rent a car from Avis(a onetime pet peeve when I was 24), but I much prefer Hertz. I'm married, no kids, but have a dog that thinks he's a kid, and I own a house, affectionately called "The Money Pit" (see my tips on wallpaper removal posted to misc.consumers.house and broadcast to the world on Hometime Radio. Seriously.)

Browse my photo album.

Like travelling? Check out my trip to Puerto Rico in February of 1996, complete with pictures.

Here are some links that will tell you a bit about myself and my interests:

Hot and tired? Have a bottle of my favorite beer!